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Brookside's Pizza & Wings Combo - Small


7 " Cheese pizza and 5 wings.

(Optional) Pizza Toppings-Small:Extra Cheese +$0.89Pepperoni +$0.89Sausage +$0.89Bacon Crumbles +$0.89Mushrooms +$0.89Onion +$0.89Jalapeno +$0.89Fresh Tomatoes +$0.89Olives +$0.89Spinach +$0.89Bell Peppers +$0.89
(Select 1) Wing Flavor:Mild Medium Sweet Chili BBQ Brookside BBQ Firestorm Honey Hot Garlic Parmesan Kickin' Bourbon Mango Habanero Caribbean Jerk Rub Cajun Style Rub
(Optional) Add On's:Sauce +$0.59Salsa +$0.59Cheese +$0.59Cheese Sauce +$0.79Sour Cream +$0.79Guacamole +$0.89Bacon +$0.99Marinated Grilled Chicken +$3.19Buffalo Chicken +$3.19Steak +$4.29Ranch Dressing +$0.59Caesar Dressing +$0.59Blue Cheese Dressing +$0.59Thousand Island Dressing +$0.59Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing +$0.59Bacon Vinaigrette Dressing +$0.59Mild Wing Sauce +$0.59Medium Wing Sauce +$0.59Sweet Chili Wing Sauce +$0.59BBQ Wing Sauce +$0.59Brookside BBQ Wing Sauce +$0.59Firestorm Wing Sauce +$0.59Honey Hot Wing Sauce +$0.59Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce +$0.59Kickin' Bourbon Wing Sauce +$0.59Mango Habanero Wing Sauce +$0.59Caribbean Jerk Rub Wing Sauce +$0.59Cajun Style Rub Wing Sauce +$0.59
To Go Order Charge $1:To Go Order Charge +$1